Enhancing the Resilience of the People of Tafi Mador and Agome on the Weto Landscape in Biodiversity Conservation and Integrated Sustainable Livelihood Enterprise Development: sponsored by Global Environment Facility-UNDP / SGP

Objective(s): Restoration and sustainable conservation of the mountain range

Strategies /Approach used:

  •  Participatory stakeholders’ analysis was done, inputs collected and factored in the educational and sensitization programme alone the landscape.
  • This was done through community forums, workshops, focused group discussions and media engagements. 
  • Forest governance, benefit sharing arrangements, roles and responsibilities of stakeholder on sustainable conservation was also discussed. Also discussed are issues of forest/land degradation, effects of climate change and adoptable strategies to ensure sustainable food security.


  • Awareness on importance of forest governance raised.
  • Stakeholders are able to access their rights of forest resources.
  • Stakeholders now negotiate for their social responsibility agreements.
  • Communities are able to identify infractions and seek assistance from the appropriate authorities and
  • Settler farmers are better able to negotiate with land owners on land tenureship and resource use