Training on Anti-Corruption Toolkits in the Forest Sector for CSOs and the Media

This was facilitated by A Rocha, Friends of the Earth and Tropenbos-Ghana under a programme titled Green Livelihoods Alliance.

Objective: To further build capacities of CSOs, Researchers and the Media to better understand the unacceptable and corrupt practices in the forest sector.


After a thorough discourse at the workshop and briefing of the rest of the staff upon return on the unacceptable/corruption practices from the workshop, prevention as a strategy for tackling the unacceptable /corrupt practices was chosen as a campaign area for the Organisation

  • Draw awareness on loss of forest revenue
  • Sensitise stakeholders on the need to be vigilant on the unacceptable / corrupt practices
  • Encourage whistle-blowers in the forest sector and
  • Create an anti-corruption awareness raising materials